System Traceability

AT system Tracebility

AT Trace – Tailored Traceability System

  • IDENTIFIABILITY of each product unit
  • CONFIGURABILITY of the production process

AT Trace was developed by an interdisciplinary team of experienced engineers from Automationstechnik specializing in industrial automation, machine construction, and programming.

Who is AT Trace for?

The solution is dedicated to automated serial production in industries where the process requires adherence to specified quality standards, its monitoring, and the archiving of operation history.


Thanks to our solutions, production in the automotive sector becomes more efficient, transparent, and safe for every stage of the process.


Our solution is also dedicated to the electronics industry, where precision, innovation, and reliability are key factors.

Household appliances

In the household appliances industry as well, our solutions provide comprehensive support, ensuring high quality, efficiency, and safety at every stage of production.


AT Trace benefits

Our system offers a range of benefits that contribute to streamlining production processes and ensuring excellent quality and efficiency.

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Product traceability

> Full history of each product unitu
> Quality verification/confirmation
> Improvement of product safety

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Production analysis

> Clear charts for monitoring process efficiency
> Calculation of OEE and quality monitoring
> Ability to monitor parameter trends
> Tracking correlation between production parameters

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Data recording in Production

> Saving data on any storage medium or client server
> Archiving in a database
> Processing and verifying data at successive stages of the production process
> Configuration of process variables and access to reports through a web interface

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> Potential for AT Trace development and adaptation to changing needs
> Easy configurability of routes and variants
> Smooth system reinstall without loss of functionality
> Minimal investment in hardware and infrastructure
> Integration with existing external MES/ERP solutions

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User friendliness

> Access to production reports for operators on the production line
> Easy changes in process and product configuration by technologists
> Real-time monitoring and verification of the process
> Access from anywhere in the world via stationary and mobile devices

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Turnkey solutions

> Comprehensive offering: production line -> AT Trace -> Lean Production solutions, production ergonomics (partnership offerings from Automationstechnik partners: Bloksma, Orgatex, Bosch Rexroth)
> Minimization of the risk of incompatibility between the machine and software
> Convenience in ordering – everything in one package

Optimize your plant’s efficiency now!

Increase your plant’s efficiency with our innovative approach and advanced solutions. Our offer will provide you with the tools and support needed to achieve maximum production efficiency.


The Best of Industry 4.0 Title

The Traceability AT Trace system was awarded the title of The Best of Industry 4.0 in a competition organized by the WNP.PL Portal, accompanying the New Industry 4.0 conference and the TOOLEX 2023 trade fair.

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nagroda Konkursu The Best of Industry 4.0.


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