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  • Our goal is optimization through analyzing areas of potential losses, delays, and waste, allowing us to identify processes in need of improvement.
  • We utilize gathered data for effective automation implementation, targeting areas that require optimization the most.
  • The result is increased efficiency and significant reduction in production costs.
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  • Robotization is a key step in improving production processes, offering a range of benefits such as productivity, precision, safety, cost reduction and 24/7 availability.
  • Through the use of robots, not only do we improve the quality of products, but we are also committed to technological innovation, which contributes to progress in the field and enables adaptation to specialized tasks, even in areas that require very specialized skills.
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  • Intralogistics is a key element of our operations, where we focus on optimizing and improving internal logistic processes.
  • We collaborate with leading technology manufacturers, delivering dedicated and modern intralogistics solutions that align with the dynamic development of the industry.
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System Traceability

  • Our proprietary traceability system, AT Trace, ensures control, configuration, and monitoring of the production process, ensuring the quality and safety of the end product.
  • The web interface allows for efficient configuration of guidelines for operation parameters and monitoring readings in the form of clear reports.
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