Smart Industry Day – the only such event in the industry | October 8, 2019
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Smart Industry Day – the only such event in the industry

Automationstechnik Sp. z o.o. from Krakow, a leader in the industry of machinery and equipment construction and the supply of production equipment, for the second time decided to choose a non-standard but effective form of product and service promotion, organizing Smart Industry Day for its customers and business partners.

The event, during which well-known companies from the industrial automation and robotics industry will present the latest technical solutions, will be held on October 2, at the company’s headquarters in Krakow. This year, the organizers also invited their long-term business partners such as Bosch Rexroth, Ergoswiss, Fanuc, Siemens, SMC, Turck, TQMsoft to participate, thus creating a professional forum where producers, suppliers and recipients will meet. The first edition of this event last year proved to the Krakow-based company that this form of promotion, based on the open days model, brings measurable benefits for both customers and the company. The theme of this year’s event will be, as the name suggests (Smart Industry Day), issues related to Operations 4.0 (Ops 4.0) and including phenomena related to the digitization of industry, which allows for more efficient management of production processes at all levels and the use of automation, processing and exchange data, as well as the implementation of various intelligent technologies.

Automationstechnik specializes in the design and construction of machines and devices for automated industrial assembly lines, mainly for the automotive, electrotechnical and household appliances industries.

The commercial offer is also wide and it consists of technically advanced products of reputable, mainly German companies. One of the basic product groups in this offer are aluminum assembly systems by Bosch Rexroth, which have been a standard for many years in most manufacturing companies around the world, and which are also used to construct machines and production lines built by Automationstechnik.

Radial riveting machines by the Friedrich company, of which Automationstechnik is the exclusive technical and commercial partner in Poland, is a group of specialized, advanced technical devices for making high-quality riveted joints. Friedrich’s riveting machines are widely used in both semi-automatic and fully automated production processes.

Fimotec-Fischer vibratory feeders, intended for orientation and feeding of details with a certain capacity, are another product group in the offer, without which it is difficult to imagine the automation of production processes. Fimotec-Fischer feeders are designed each time for a specific application and are characterized by durability, reliability and repeatability of feeding.

As an exclusive representative in Poland, Automationstechnik also cooperates with Mäder Pressen, a German manufacturer of manual, pneumatic and hydropneumatic industrial presses, serving, among others, for assembly, clamping, punching, bending, gluing and cutting. All types of presses offered can be equipped with active process control systems and be used in semi-automatic stations and automatic production lines.

For several years, Automationstechnik has also represented Bloksma in Poland, a German manufacturer of pneumatic and electric workstation lifts, which allow for the optimization of processes and the organization of work in a safe and ergonomic way. Bloksma lifts are used at packing stations as well as at lines and assembly stations.

The commercial offer is supplemented by Orgatex products, directly supporting the implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and 5S principles. Orgatex offer includes solutions for marking production space, storage places and containers as well as Kanban and Heijunka boards. Recently, Automationstechnik has also been cooperating with the Finnish company K. Hartwall, offering comprehensive solutions for internal and inter-plant logistics, including transport trolleys and adaptive pallets. The commercial offer is closed with the products of the Bedrunka + Hirth company, a producer of high-quality workshop equipment.