Automationstechnik implements new Industry 4.0 solutions | September 10, 2020

Automationstechnik implements new Industry 4.0 solutions

The Automationstechnik company is a supplier of automated workstations and production lines implemented on individual orders of customers from the automotive industry, consumer electronics and transport in the food industry. From the very beginning, the company has been designing its devices using Autodesk software: Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD, which are part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

With the development of the company, there was a need for better management of project documentation as well as supervision and automation of processes. That is why a PDM (Product Data Management) system, Autodesk Vault, was implemented, which is used for comprehensive management of technical documentation as well as central storage and sharing of documentation related to the executed orders – including contract files, technical specifications, technical drawings, material lists and visualizations.

The proprietary tool of the Polish Autodesk partner, PSP Solution, was also implemented, which allowed the integration of Autodesk Vault and the ERP software used in the company, as well as unifying the data on the designed parts and subassemblies. Thanks to this, the the processes of creating orders for sub-suppliers – which are now created automatically from a bill of materials generated by the design software – and quotation. PSP Solution has also implemented solutions that facilitate the reuse of previously designed components from existing projects, which allowed to shorten the time of designing new solutions and reduce costs.

Thanks to the automation of processes and the integration of Autodesk Vault with our ERP system, we have much better control over the entire product life cycle – from concept, through design, quotation, to assembly line production, sales and after-sales service. The ease of finding information, comprehensive process control, increasing employee efficiency and reducing the number of errors allow us to provide higher quality products and services in a much shorter time, thus increasing the satisfaction of our customers – says Grzegorz Chmura, president of Automationstechnik.

The integration of Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault software with the ERP system also improves cooperation with sub-suppliers by eliminating the manual creation of orders, which was previously a source of errors and mistakes. Process automation and digitization are part of the Industry 4.0 concept, and focusing the entire IT system around the key design process allows you to accelerate the design and implementation of orders and allows the company to gain an advantage in a competitive market.

The 21st century poses new challenges for manufacturing companies. In addition to automating simple physical works, they must also take care of increasing the quality and efficiency of the work of management and specialists, such as designers or traders. Only by investing in solutions that automate and facilitate the work of “white collars”, in line with the Industry 4.0 concept, companies will be able to effectively face competition based only on low physical labor costs – said Radosław Cieślak from Autodesk Polska.